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CONTACT information

The photo’s  on my site are all published in a reasonable format and have a small watermark inside the photo’s. All of this, to make sure that watching the photo’s is fun for the visitors of my site.

All photo’s can be downloaded and saved from my Flickr page. However, it’s no invitation to use the photo’s for all purposes.

For social media and webgalleries, all photo’s are allowed to be downloaded and used in unaltered state. Please let me know if you use my pictures. I like to see where my work goes. If, for whatever reason, it’s neccesary to remove the watermark, there’s still the obligation to report the source and approval from me in advance.

Media should be aware about copyright and the use of photo’s from third parties. When illegitimate use is identified, I will involve a violation of copyright claim, and the claim/fine wil be in proportion to the violation, as described by the Photographers Federation Holland.

It’s possible to buy high-res photo’s when you feel the need to have them for any kind of reason. Please contact me for the conditions and posibilities.

Thank you for your message. I will contact you as soon as possible. Kind greetings, Wendy

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